When the EcoDeco's founder, Peter Henkemans, observed the degree of coral reef degradation in Venezuela in the 1990s, he decided to take action. He developed and patented the DyMiCo water purification system with the intention to culture corals for reef rehabilitation. In the meantime, DyMiCo has proven itself to be an appropriate system to also culture other vulnerable marine organisms.

EcoDeco believes that ecological technologies can offer sustainable, effective and affordable solutions to contribute to halting the worldwide deterioration of the marine environment.



Since EcoDeco’s DyMiCo system has proven so successful, it is time to take the next step. EcoDeco applies its unique technology in water purification as broadly as possible for the sustainable use of marine life and for nature conservation. To this end, EcoDeco maintains relationships with public aquaria, hobby aquarists, aquaculture, the life science sector, the pharmaceutical industry and coral reef rehabilitation projects.

By using its DyMiCo system, EcoDeco guarantees the highest and most natural water quality in closed systems.