Robbert Dokter

Robbert Dokter (1968) is involved with EcoDeco since the foundation of the company in 2001. He is director and share holder. Robbert Dokter is mainly concerned with financial issues, investors, commerce and business.
In 1994 Robbert Dokter received his MSc. in Law at Utrecht University. His specialty is social economic law. After his study, Robbert Dokter fulfilled a range of positions in management and directorship within the Netherlands and abroad. Employers were amongst others: Holland Chemical International. Theeuwes Group, NedCargo, Polak & Co.

Robbert Dokter is director and owner of Food Light B.V.
'For me EcoDeco is an excellent challenge because of the high level of 'giving back'. I hope that the technology of EcoDeco will contribute to nature conservation. The combination of EcoDeco and my other - purely commercial - activities, is very satisfying.'
Mobile: 06-2551156

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