DyMiCo is a water purification system, patented by EcoDeco

DyMiCo's (Dynamic Mineral Control) unique feature is that it keeps water both clean and living in a closed system. It uses technology that allows the culture of vulnerable marine organisms such as coral, plankton and fish fry which cannot be kept in traditional systems.

DyMiCo guarantees perfect water quality with a minimum of maintenance, user-friendly operation and low energy consumption.
The DyMiCo water purificiation system enables you to create a self regulating mini-ecosystem. The technology at the heart of DyMiCo is copied from nature and therefore safeguards reliable operation. Based on the same three principles by which natural marine ecosystems maintain their equilibrium living plankton, waste processing and active substrate - DyMiCo creates clean and living water.

Simple, sustainable and efficient

Using DyMiCo makes energy consuming traditional water purification techniques such as plankton-removing sand filters, maintenance sensitive ozone installations and mineral-removing protein skimmers redundant. At last you can keep and culture corals and other sensitive marine organisms simply, sustainably and efficiently.

DyMiCo ensures the preservation of three natural marine elements:

1. Preservation of plankton
In the ocean, plankton forms the base of the food chain. It also acts as a predominant element in the degradation of organic waste. Plankton is a natural ingredient in fresh and salt water, but it is removed by all traditional water purification systems. DyMiCo does quite the opposite. The system does not contain any mechanical filtering or skimmers. It therefore keeps the plankton alive. By using DyMiCo, the plankton can serve as a natural food source for the animals that are kept or cultured in the system.

2. Preservation of waste
In the ocean, organic waste sinks to the sea bed to form sediment. There, it contributes to natural decomposition processes which result in the recycling of nutrients. In traditional purification systems, organic matter is removed from the water. This is detrimental to the natural water quality. DyMiCo allows organic waste to sink naturally to the bottom. The sediment is trapped in designated compartments in the system. The recycling processes that are found in the ocean, can therefore take their natural course.

3. Preservation of substrate activity
In the ocean, the seafloor is full of life. A wide range of microbes take care of the decomposition of waste products such as nitrite and nitrate. This keeps the sea water clean, creating a healthy environment for flora and fauna.

Traditional aquaria and aquaculture systems are normally unable to maintain natural fauna in the sediment. In contrast, the DyMiCo system is specially designed to do this. Designated compartments with sediment accommodate natural microbial communities. By controlling the water flow in the bottom, the optimal nutrient decomposition needed for healthy water quality can be obtained. A special control unit allows the natural decomposition processes to occur.

A reactor regulates the level of oxygen in the bottom. This activates specific bacteria to break down the dominant nutrient at that time. With its balanced operating principle, DyMiCo uniquely enhances the chemical buffering of the water without the use of filters, ozone or protein skimmers. It is an excellent choice for keeping and culturing vulnerable marine organisms such as corals and sponges.